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Venro Energy Corporation is an active market participant in the international supply and marketing of crude oil and the related refined products and by products.
Registered with every national oil company, Venro maintains an active presence and awareness of changing market conditions and products availabilities that pertain to each country's key market centers. In most intances, Venro plays both a seller and a purchaser role to various Caribbean, Central and South American countries.


Of key interest to Venro's energy product division are bulk cargoes of jet fuel, diesel, fuel oil, naphtha, gas oil, gasoline and petroleum coke products. Through U.S. refinery processing arrangements, Venro accesses international crude oil and unfinished energy products (straight run fuel oils, catfeeds, lube oil, naphthas, etc.) for processing at U.S. East and Gulf Coast locations. While opting for a greater percentage of term purchase commitments from its refinery suppliers, Venro also buys sizeable volumes of spot cargoes. Hedging the majority of these combined volumes through the NYMEX futures market helps Venro management lock in refinery margins and guard against the "downside." Venro's U.S. refined energy products are typically delivered into bulk markets through the pipelines, barges, and occasional truck transport.Venro Supplies Fuel oil to utilities in U.S.A.

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